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Thread: Winshield Wiper Upgrade

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    Winshield Wiper Upgrade

    I purchased the Replacement Electric Wiper Motor w/the Intermittent Switch w/Extension (Danchuk part #11225A) about 10 years ago. I drove through the rain a few times and it worked fine but now that I am switching over to an LS3 engine, I figure If I want to upgrade the wipers, now is the time since the car is apart. Did anyone run into any issues with the Raingear kit (Danchuk #12827)? I see there is another kit (Danchuk #2776) and I am curious of any benefits of one hit over the other? So far, I like the Raingear since the wiper moter will be moved to under the dash. I'm also looking at getting the Raingear Washer Kit (Danchuk #12828), and also I need some new wiper arms and wiper blades. Has anyone noticed any significant functional difference in the "Hook" style wiper arms (Danchuk #10138) and the "Straight End" style (Danchuk #10139) wiper arms? Any insight is appreciated.

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    Hi Michael,
    I installed the Raingear kit in my 57, and am very happy with it. The only issue I had was interference between the arm that connects the two wipers and the base of the radio speaker in the dash. The fix was to buy a speaker with the least depth that I could find, and to still have to do some grinding on the arm to get clearance. When I called their tech support, they were very responsive, helpful, and courteous.
    Regards, Doug


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