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Thread: T handles with line lock button

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    T handles with line lock button

    When I redo the interior on my 55 I'll need to move my line lock button
    Presently I have it on the floor near the dimmer
    I don't want a button or switch mounted on the dash and I'm not a fan of a switch on a coiled wire laying around
    It looks like my only option is a T Handle with the button on the end onless someone knows of another option
    Not interested in a ball knob with the button
    The only T Handles with line lock buttons that I can find have the B&M and Hurst logos as part of the T Handle with the background in red or black
    I'd be ok with chrome B&M with the red if there is no other choice
    Any others available

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    Just a thought and it might work. If you don't have cruise control you could use a turn signal lever with the cruise control button for the line lock.
    Glenn Hargrove

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