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Thread: 55 265 no power on acceleration

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    55 265 no power on acceleration

    hello all on my 55 seems like it got no guts on acceleration, its a 265 4B power glide every thing new restored carb., and has pertronix did I miss something any ideas thanks.
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    WADR, a bit more data describing exactly the issue or, better yet a video of the ailment under acceleration. Ignition timing, gear ratios, etc, etc, etc helps a bunch too

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    Just shooting off the hip, are you sure your timing is right? Have you tried advancing it a little more to see if theres an improvement?

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    Either provide way more information, or it sounds like you should just take it to someone that knows how to tune these older engines. There are dozens of things that could cause a power issue. How much power do think a 265 engine of unknown condition should have?


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