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Thread: 1957 Nomad

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    1957 Nomad

    Team ,

    I am working on a stock 1957 Nomad , i want to put 17 teens on the rear and 16 teens on the front . Can I and what size rims and tires ? There is no tubs it is a stock car . Help please I don't want to buy and bunch that wont fit .


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    hi Steven and welcome. good to have you here.
    ARMY NAM VET, very proud!

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    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    1) The wheel/tire width is where you're likely to have issues and why would you want to go above 15" for a 'stock car'?
    2) Using 16" wheels might be mistake as tires for that size have almost disappeared and that size is essentially out of favor.

    If you are wanting to have a 'rake' in your front end (lower than the rear), you can do that wtih the tires and keep the wheels the same diameter all the way around (either 15 or 17 would be my suggestion). The '57 originally came with 14" wheels and 7.50x14 tires!
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