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Thread: New buy 56 210

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    New buy 56 210

    4863E37F-B174-40C3-B815-E818F3467E09.jpegC19438F1-67FA-426E-9C03-2E61C5180AE3.jpeg9C373677-B4FE-4A03-AB18-CE22B7FA4BD0.jpeg4EF39787-2678-4E28-B9AE-00CEBE4143A7.jpeg68ADE54A-B915-4B97-B600-D92F6D17463D.jpegC19438F1-67FA-426E-9C03-2E61C5180AE3.jpegBought this about 2 months ago. Has a 350 w/ 350 trans, ford 9inch, power disc brakes all-around, 4 wheel discs are nice. Ididit tilt power steering, working AC.

    now for the cons, older amateur restoration, so has some of the usual spots on the body that need attention to be fixed correctly. Paint up close has flaws, frame has 2 rust spots that need attention.

    i have got brackets to move the front seat back 3 inches. I would normally just take the body off and do the frame or replace it, but i currently live on a navel weapons station as a DoD civilian employee in my RV. So no place to do such work. So at the moment it is just do patch fix to drive.

    I actually have to outsource the frame patching and welding as we are barely allowed to set the timing here.
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    Hi 57Kurt,
    Very cool! Lots of good stuff on the car, should be fun! Like the colors - looks very good. Good score!
    Regards, Doug

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    congrats Kurt, good looking 56. exciting times ahead.
    ARMY NAM VET, very proud!

    56 210 4dr

    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    Good looking. A nice start..

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    Great find 57kurt. I'm just down the road from you in Santa Clarita. If it's running good, and you get get an early start, come to the old Kmart parking lot (corner of Soledad Cyn Rd and Bouquet Cyn Rd on Saturday mornings for Cars n Coffee. It starts at sun up and goes until about 9am. Pulling in 300+ cars per weekend now. People coming from all around. Let me know if you're coming and I'll keep an eye out for ya. Paul
    1957 Nomad- LS1/T56 on C4 chassis
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    Looks great. Too bad you can't work on it there. I always loved the Navy hobby shops when I served back in 72-76. Full-service shops with lifts, every tool needed, tech assistance, and you could send out machine work. I learned how to work on cars there. It was only 50 cents a day and I spent most of my free time there instead of partying all the time, even though I did plenty of that too.

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    RD... I spent all my spare time in the USAF automotive hobby shop as well... it was free for us between '68-72. I learned how to do lots of 'new work' there, including my first body off frame work ('53 Henry J); first engine build ('67 302 Z28 engine), first Muncie rebuild, first rear differential setup, etc..

    57Kurt: I also like your '56... we need to hear/see more when you get opportunity!


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