A love story for the ages! Thanks for sharing yours and Ginny's story with us here, Glenn. And please know that our family will keep your wife in our thoughts and in our prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

In Yiddish and Hebrew, there is a word which is oft times translated as soul mate. It means that in the truest sense...... And much more.

בשערט (transliterated)...... B'sheirt. Means literally 'intended' (for marriage) as in decreed to be so by G-d. The concept is that every person has only half the soul until they are one with their intended who brings the missing half and they join together to become one. Said another way...... They complete one another. Or you can relate it to Eve being formed of Adam's rib and when one's b'sheirt is joined to them, Adam and Eve are as if once again whole.

BTW...... My Step-dad's Mom lived in West Monroe. I remember driving up there to see her with my Step-Dad in his '49 Chevy when I was 12 or so. That would have been in 1959 or 1960. She had a small wood frame house with a screened in sleeping porch on the back. There was a septic tank in her back yard just beyond the porch steps. You could see the outline because the grass was much greener there. And the watermelons she grew from seeds tossed out there were the sweetest you've ever had.

Best regards,