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Thread: 1957 Nomad emergency handle, Chrome ?

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    1957 Nomad emergency handle, Chrome ?

    Is the emergency brake handle suppose to be chrome on the 57 Nomad ?

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    My 56 BA was not it is now, but then so is my 55 150.

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    Nomad, The prevailing information on the emerg brake handles is that only Corvettes came with them chrome, but since the chrome handles were available through dealerships way into the late '70's or 80's, and I'm not sure the black plastic handles were, MANY trifives were replaced with the chrome handles way back then! If you have a nice black handle, that would be more 'originally correct', but I doubt anyone anywhere will gig you for the chrome handle.

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    mine is chrome. But i replaced the whole mechanism with a lokar foot pedal setup because of running the C4 disc brake setup. I have a complete powdercoated mechanism with a chrome handle just sitting around...
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