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Thread: Memorial Day 2021 - A Time Of Remembrance

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    Memorial Day 2021 - A Time Of Remembrance

    It is said of those who served our nation in time of war that 'All gave some and some gave all'.

    Tomorrow being Memorial Day...... We honour the memory of those who gave all.......


    Hand salute! Ready...... Two!

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


    Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez......


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    Our extended family, beginning with WW2, were all fortunate to have survived.
    2 in WW2, 1 in Korea, 1 in Desert Storm, 1 Nam.
    Unfortunately, my uncle only lived for <4 yrs, after WW2.
    I'm sure it took it's toll, and he didn't survive the encounter.

    A prayer said for all.

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    Offering a thankful prayer for all the former citizen soldiers who risked their lives for our country, especially the ones who didn't survive and did lose their lives in our service! We should be thankful every day, but most especially this weekend for those men and women!

    I'm also hopeful that the younger generations of americans, many of whom don't seem to have yet realized the sacrifice, that they too will soon come to realize that 'freedom' is not 'free'!

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    thanks to all, past and present. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    ARMY NAM VET, very proud!

    56 210 4dr

    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    Good Bless all the thousands of members of the Gold Star families that have been left behind. It is unfortunate that many people including our vice president only look at this as a three day weekend and the beginning of summer. Many people say "Happy Memorial Day". It is not a happy day, it is a solemn day. I watched the Memorial Day program on PBS (not one of my favorite stations) from Washington last night. It was narrated by Gary Senise and Joe Montoya and was very good. Us veterans have out day in November. This day is for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.
    Glenn Hargrove

    USAF (66-70) Viet Nam Vet

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