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Thread: Maybe we're starting to really SEE Fauci....?

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    He's protecting his own a$$ and those of his closest socialist allies...

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    Why should the libtards believe anything he says either? He's on both sides of most every discussion. The only thing he does is create confusion and fear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Buzzard View Post
    US Lab's Classified Study Basis for Biden-Ended State Dept Probe | Newsmax.com
    Wonder why the moron ended the investigation?
    Start his "own", and control the results.
    Watch for it!
    True. Control the narrative and you control the outcome of narrative. Control the outcome of the narrative and you control those who buy into the narrative.

    And to bring this thought full circle...... As the oft quoted Chinese general so rightly noted thousands of years ago...... (paraphrased) 'Never allow your opponent to define you!' For he who defines you controls the narrative.

    Hope that makes sense. It does to me, anyway.

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


    Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez......


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