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Thread: Front speaker

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    Front speaker

    Looking for a replacement dash speaker for my 57. Installing a radio/cassette/CD player under the dash and I'm just looking for some good sound quality that would be fairly economical. Any recommendations?

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    I need a good solution to that question also... Come on guys.. Help us out!

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    speaker size matters

    The following may not apply to your situation, and especially not to a '56.
    For my 57, I had clearance issues between the dash speaker, and the Raingear windshield wiper linkage. I initially tried a 6x9 Custom Autosound speaker, and it was too deep. The depth of the speaker became a critical parameter in choosing a speaker.

    I ended up with a speaker from Retro Manufacturing (they also make replacement radios), which I thought was pretty pricey, but sounds fine to me. Here it is from Crutchfield with some reviews (Summit sells it for a bit less, but has no reviews):

    In the end, I did some grinding on the Raingear linkage, some grinding on the speaker's top flange, and found I could unscrew a decorative cap on the bottom of the speaker, all done to get me the clearance I needed. I believe Raingear has modified that linkage piece, and hopefully wouldn't be an issue for newer systems.
    Regards, Doug


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