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Thread: Disassembling for Restoration? Removing Rusty screws!

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    Disassembling for Restoration? Removing Rusty screws!


    Sometimes the vendors send out 'Help videos' which are helpful.. Example in point, the eastwood video for removing rusty screws during disassembly. I have to tell you that I've spent quite a bit of time and frustration in the past doing just this, having to drag out my old Craftsman Impact Screwdriver tool (and a big hammer) quite often which didn't always work as well as I liked.

    In the Eastwood video above, they introduce a very hand tool which is a controllable impact screwdriver tool with several phillips/std bits, which when used with the Eastwood air impact tool can make short work of this task. The Eastwood air impact hammer tool has 'variable trigger control which can allow you to easily control the hammer pressure (my old tool is 'all ON or 'all OFF' only controllable by going to the air pressure regulator!..

    Anyway, although I haven't used one of these combos presented, I liked it and it seemed to be a great frustration saver when disassembling an old car for restoration!

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    thanks for info.
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