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Thread: New member, actually were on once before but haven't used for a long time.

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    New member, actually were on once before but haven't used for a long time.

    Hi to all of you.
    I am in the process of restoring my grandfathers 57 3100 that he bought new. It is in really good shape, sat in a garage for over all of its lifetime except for the 45,000 miles that it has on it now. It has a 235 six cylinder with a manual three speed transmission with the shift lever on the steering column.
    It is original with a spare tire on the side and the wooden floor in the box is very nice for all of those years.
    I really enjoy the opportunity to share information and receive tips and tricks. Thank you. Gary.

    Thanks again.
    GWO'S 57 3100

    1. On my 1957 chevy model 3100 with a 235 six cylinder the breather pipe will drop oil. I have noticed that it has been doing this for awhile, any idea what the cause or the fix for the drip would be. Thanks in advance.
    2. I need to improve my braking ability on my 57 3100. i put in a new master cylinder as the old one was shot. Is it good to put in a 2 chamber master cylinder. if so will it fit in the same place under the floor. Any recommendations?
    3. Is it better to rebuild the wheel cylinders or buy new ones?

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    hi Gary and welcome. good to have you here. neat to have a family heirloom. always a good idea to upgrade your brakes, i would save the old but put all new in.
    ARMY NAM VET, very proud!

    56 210 4dr

    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    Replacing internal steps, cab corners & some other lower hinge part panels on amy 1957 chev pickup model 3100

    I could use some help either with a u-tube video or someone's video on how to replace the steps and cab corners plus some internal lower hinge panels on my 57 Chevy pickup model 3100. I would also like to know the best places to get the parts as well as other parts for my 3100.


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