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    Just A Tip

    The wife is leaving to take a long weekend Friday and visit one of her old friends. Per usual she always ask me to check out whatever vehicle she is driving before she leaves - no idea of why she ask every time but it's something I have always done + I do 99% of the work on our stuff anyway.

    I normally go through and check all the fluid levels, topping stuff up if it needs it and then check tire pressures. I actually just did some work on this car about 3 weeks ago; oil and filter change, tire rotation and new brake pads on the front end. As I was checking the tire pressures which were still at the PSI I had set them, I thought I haven't ever checked that spare tire. This is one of those Versa Hatchbacks that we bought new in 2014. I got the stuff out of the back and started to crank the spare tire down - but I couldn't budge the bolt. I'm not 18 anymore but yesterday I was lifting a fully built TH350 around without much trouble. So, I get under there and hit it with a little bit of engine fogger - if you didn't know engine fogger is great for lubricating stuff as it doesn't attract a lot of dirt or debris when it dries. I still had to put some muscle on the bolt but it broke loose and I lowered the spare tire. Just as I thought, the tire had 10 PSI in it when it should be at 60 PSI. So before putting the tire back in the holder, I sprayed that bolt again and everything snugged back up - I also didn't play gorilla with tightening it either.

    Now - I have a Good Sam roadside plan that I carry every year and if something happened, my wife knows to call them for help - no way I want her out there trying to change a tire. They've rescued her a couple of times and the service was quick and professional - well worth the coin to me. I also got my motorhome stuck in the side yard one year - we had a bunch of storms come up and 20,000 pounds sank into the mud a bit. They sent a wrecker and pulled her back into the driveway. That one probably paid for the year's coverage right there.

    Sorry - not trying to be a commercial but the next time you're giving your ride the once over, check that spare if it's been awhile.
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    Good idea.. my wife always asks me to check her air pressure.. but I don't recall ever checking the spare (other than with my thumb).. .

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    good tip, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaNomad View Post
    ...my wife always asks me to check her air pressure...
    A woman I used to live with asked me the same thing She meant something else, though. And it didn't mean to involve my thumb


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