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Thread: Latest message from the 'Convention of States' team

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    Latest message from the 'Convention of States' team

    Our Founding Fathers predicted it all.

    They may not have known about vaccine mandates, big tech censorship, or indoctrination in our schools — but they did know THIS: The federal government would one day grow tyrannical.

    It was inevitable.

    And when it did, the states would need a constitutional recourse to check the feds’ power, without resorting to a second bloody revolution.

    That’s why 234 years ago today, they proposed Article V. It gave We the People authority to call a Convention of States to propose amendments that limit the power of the federal government.

    And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

    It takes 34 states to call the convention, and we already have 15 onboard.

    We’ve seen tremendous progress in the following six states and we expect them to be next to join the movement:

    Ohio: The COS resolution was introduced in the Ohio House with two primary sponsors and 15 co-sponsors, including influential leader, Speaker Pro Temp Tim Ginter. Our resolution is currently pending a hearing in the House Committee on State and Local Government.

    Wisconsin: The full WI Assembly passed the COS resolution with a landslide vote of 58-36! That means if the Senate follows suit, Wisconsin will become state #16 to join the movement.

    Pennsylvania: Our resolution was introduced in the House with 19-sponsors, with bi-partisan support!

    Michigan: Rep Matt Hall has introduced the resolution, with an impressive list of 25 co-sponsors!

    South Carolina: Thanks to our supporters packing multiple overflow hearing rooms, our resolution passed both the South Carolina House and Senate Judiciary Subcommittees. We secured full House passage with a vote of 66-42.

    Nebraska: In a bold strategic move, Sen. Halloran used a rare procedure to advance the COS resolution. Now, we’re lined up for a full vote by the unicameral legislature — putting us just one vote away from passage!

    This is just a small glimpse into the momentum happening all across the nation. We the People are FIRED UP and are taking bold moves to use the Founder’s solution and drain the swamp — permanently.

    The best part? There’s not a single thing Joe Biden and his corrupt cronies can do to stop us.

    Will you help us cross the finish line by chipping in whatever you can today? A generous donor is prepared to match every single dollar — up to $100,000.

    When you give $50, we’ll receive $100! Give today to double your impact in the fight.

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    If done strictly in accordance with our nation's Constitution...... I wholeheartedly support a Convention of States.

    However, a caution...... If you manage to do this, Gary...... Be absolutely sure measures are in place to prevent votes from being nullified or tampered with and make damned sure the hate America crowd cannot highjack the proceedings and cause even more harm to our nation than they are presently.

    And be sure to set lifetime term limits for members of Congress and set the number of Justices sitting on the US Supreme Court at 9! Etched in granite...... No wiggle room. Nothing left subject to change nor interpretation.

    Best regards,

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


    Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez......



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