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Thread: Electric Fuel pump gas tank for EFI conversion

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    Electric Fuel pump gas tank for EFI conversion

    Hello all... I am a new member with a 1956 Nomad. I am looking to fuel inject my ride with an Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 EFI kit. I can't find a gas tank with an electric fuel pump made for Chevy wagons / nomads. Has anyone done a similar conversion and know of a 16 gallon fuel injection gas tank with an internal fuel pump?

    Thanks, Mike

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    I'm fairly certain there is no reproduction 'wagon/nomad' gas tank which includes facility for an intank pump. You have a couple of alternatives (to mounting an external pump-which are noisy). The alternatives I'm aware of are:

    1) Purchase a new wagon tank and *modify* the tank to install an intank pump. Since welding is involved, it is not recommended to try this with an used tank that has held gasoline before.

    2) Many people install an aftermarket 'sedan' tank which has facility for an intank pump, and some of which provide for larger capacities, but this involves removing the wagon's spare tire well, and installing a flat floor. note: If you plan to run larger than original tires/wheels, then an appropriate spare will not fit inside the original spare tire well anyway, since it was for the 6.70-15 tire size on 15x5 wheels.

    Let us know what you decide and you will get more specific suggestions as to sources.


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