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Thread: vin location

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    vin location

    I know the vin is the tag in the driver door jam but was the vin number stamped any where else on the 57 car because the tag in the jam is missing.

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    Hello Popeye31. Welcome to Trifive Chevys.

    I see this is your first posting, so we would welcome you to tell us a bit about you and your trifive Chevy!

    To answer your question, Yes, a totally unique and consistent, but partial VIN was stamped in two places on top of the drivers side frame rail. One directly under the drivers seat, and another location `20-24" rearward of that. The partial VIN is the unique portion of the total VIN except the engine designation and the trim designation are not included on the frame. I.E. If your VIN were VC 57 S 123456, then the partial VIN on the frame would be 57 S 123456 (which is totally unique in that it provides the YR, the assembly plant (S is for StLouis) and the sequence number at the StLouis plant for your car and specifically identifies your car versus all others produced by GM. In the above example the V is for a V8 engine installed at the factory, and the C is for the BelAir trim level on the body.

    In your case, where you are attempting to identify or verify the VIN of your car, it is possible to READ that partial VIN without removal of the body, although it is difficult. You Must Clean any dirt/mud/etc from the frame rail (I would suggest using a brass bristle brush to brush the area, and then wipe clean with a solvent rag. Then, using a small mirror and a light from under the car, view the area between the frame and the body's floor under the driver's seat until you identify where the stamps are. You may have to do the brush/clean again if you missed the spot the first time. It might also be useful to use white chalk to RUB the stamping to help make it stand out. I have even managed to photograph such a VIN using this technique (photographing the image in the mirror)... Good luck. and let us know how it works for you.
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    There is a slight indention of frame from the stamping and I have cut a 3 sided hole in floor pan to get a better look at it. Do this before you remove body from frame as you cannot brove body gos with frame after seperated.


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