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Thread: Kid at heart Dream car

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    Kid at heart Dream car

    Hello from Louisiana. My first dream car I bought at 14 for $300 was a 57 210 4door would have loved a 2door hard top but at 14 I didn't have much money. started a frame off restoration on it. It was a numbers matching car and was going as far as putting factory inspection marks that i documented during the teardown, but I lost the car in a fire at 18. zoom ahead 30 years My fiancé says I have to many toys and should sell them and buy my dream car that i always talk about. As the saying goes happy wife happy life rite. So im on the search for my dream car again. got a lead on a basket case 2 door hard top. Im a ASE cert mechanic and Icar cert body tech. so basket cases don't intimidate me. and I love to save them. I remember my dad had bought me a book on 57 chevy restoration, it was very detailed. I will have to find one again. I believe it had a 57 convertible on the cover. Black with the matador red and black interior will be the end result. The search has brought back memories of my youth, the long gone 57s in the neighborhood I would ride past on my bicycle and the owners of those cars I spoke with. Some are still there. Locked away in garages that haven't seen the light of day in years. Others are sitting on flats in neighboring yards rusting away. A hand full of average two doors 4 doors a wagon or two and amazingly 3 nomads are still lingering. O well the search is half the fun isn't it?

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    Thanks for the update Popeye!

    The Restoration Book you are recalling is Harold Louisiana's book (How to Restore your '57 Chevrolet); he goes thru the teardown, inspection, repair and restoration of parts, paint, and then reasssembly of a '57 Convertible. You should be able to find this book via Amazon or google...


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