I have one of those 15" steering wheels that look like the original for my 57. The horn ring is definitely from the land of not quite right. I have been trying to get the horn to work, and have followed suggestions on thinning the notched spacer (sits above the Belleville spring), as the horn rings supplied with the steering wheel are said to be thicker than stock. I have thinned the notched spacer, but still can't get the horn to work. I finally noticed the horn ring was right against the steering wheel spoke, so kinda hard to get the ring to move much and honk the horn. And I noticed I have done a tad of damage to the paint on the wheel - oh great! I did some filing on that part of the horn ring, and now have maybe a 1/16" gap (see pic below). Still not working. Could someone with a 57 please measure the gap between their horn ring and the spoke? That way I have a target to file to.
Horn Ring_LI.jpg
Thanks, Doug