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Thread: 1957 partially built Nomads being shipped from the Clevland Ohio plant straight up by train

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    I'm pretty sure they did assemble cars is in the tri five years, and there is factory info available on each of those Canadian built cars. If I remember right there may have been some engines from Pontiac in them also. Please correct if this is incorrect.

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    @BamaNomad thanks for providing additional detail regarding the Nomad body production at Fisher's Euclid Ave facility. Do you know if any records exist for Nomad bodies assembled at the Euclid Ave plant? I'm trying to locate my grandfather's 1956 Nomad which was an ivory/dusk plum color scheme (code 708). He purchased the car in the Milwaukee area so my best guess is that the body likely was shipped to Janesville WI before being delivered to a Milwaukee area Chevy dealer. Wondering if there are any records of Nomad bodies shipped from Euclid Ave to each GM assembly plant with the color/trim details? I'm trying to narrow down the VIN based on the few details I have. Appreciate any advice you can offer, cheers!

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    Sorry BGK... but I've been following classic chevys, and absorbing every detail of Nomads I could for more than 50 yrs, but I've NEVER seen/heard of any Fisher body plant production figures, and certainly not to include color/options/etc...

    PS. Fisher was a separate company from GM (but partially/wholly owned by GM) during the trifive years. Basically GM collected orders from dealers and made assignment to Fisher for body production. There were surely production figures from both Fisher and GM at the time (but not likely to include 'colors') but those records are no longer available, and were probably never available for the public.

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