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Thread: 1999 Cadillac Deville Seats

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    1999 Cadillac Deville Seats


    I am just now returning to this project...a number of years ago (LIKE TEN) I bought a set of front (with center seat/arm rest) and rear 1999 Cadillac DeVille seats and I want to install them into my 1955 Belair two door Sedan.

    I never did anything with the seats except buy them and then wrap them up and life got in the way.

    The car is currently a rolling mock up with a rust-ish body mounted on a Newman C4 suspension and a 1999 Camaro SS LS-1 engine and 4L60E transmission so I am wanting to un cover the car, blow off the dust, and play with it again...been a while. Used to drive it often after the suspension and engine modification and it was really fun but however I think now I can FINALLY get to it again.

    Just wanted to reach out and get some advice from "those who have gone before" on this mod and here are my many questions:

    -Of course I have the concern of the width of these seats as compared to the Chevy cabin the font seats have the center arm rest/seat.

    -Then there is the issue of mounting the front seats to the floorboard...since the seat belts are integral to the seat the floor mount needs to be pretty secure to be safe

    -The front arm rest also has a heater duct and fan system so has anyone tackled this part yet?

    -Back seat width and mounting...yup not sure.

    -Oh yeah...the front seats have electrical motors and an airbag that I do not want to zap the wrong wires.

    -Can I get into the back seat if the front seats are motored all the way forward and tilted forward

    -And there is a whole bunch of other stuff that I have not thought of.

    It has been about 10 years since I bought the seats and have not opened them up since then so I betcha that someone out there in Tri Five Land has tackled this exact project so I sure would like to hear your experience and your shoulda...woulda...couldas on this deal.

    THANKS so much everyone for the advice!!!


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    Welcome back, and I would love to see pictures of your Newman chassis. Can't help you much on the seats though. I went a totally different route; and also gave up on a rear seat.


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