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Thread: Good modified function for 'Lighter' position

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    Gary, my friend says he got it on Amazon. If you can't find it let me know and I'll get more details for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    I had a friend that came up with a novel use. He hooked the coil wire to a detent switch mounted on the back of the lighter. When you pushed the lighter in it disconnected the power to the coil. A thief would never in a million years figure this one out. I think he put a wooden plug in place of the lighter element. Pretty slick I thought.
    That was a 'slick', novel and functional use of the lighter! and 'might' save one's car from being stolen!

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    Our '56 has an aftermarket steering column that uses a center push button for the horn. Our car has an original looking (smaller diameter) steering wheel that uses the factory type horn assembly, so we had no horn. I removed the lighter and installed a switch attached to the original lighter button to activate the horns. We now have a horn, but looking inside at the dash, you think that it still has the lighter.

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    No need for a switch add-on on the lighter.
    Solder a wire to the outer case and use the original connector pin.
    The ground side of a relay, [everyone uses a relay, right?], connects thru these 2 wires.
    Push the lighter in, the circuit is made, just like it would originally. The start circuit is now complete.
    Start the engine.
    You can leave it pushed in or pull it back.
    When you leave, take the lighter with you.
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