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Thread: Anybody use this size rim???

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    The only way to keep the track-width as wide as possible it, is running the most positive offset, and axel width for the most cornering traction. That's how modern cars do it, which is why the deep-dish wheels vanished. It's like the difference between standing with your feet side by side, versus standing with your feet wide apart and see how much more stable you are leaning side-to-side with your track-width, and you will understand. I know some of you might even try and do it, leaning with yourself for fun!
    I have no idea how a pro-street car can take a fast corner? I know it is all about the look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55 Rescue Dog View Post
    It is the wider 96 C4 suspension F/R and the wheels are American Racing 17x9.5 +38mm that they made for C4 fitment, and they only aftermarket wheel out there that would fit without getting custom made, and were only $150 ea. The spokes just clear the calipers which is another thing to consider. I didn't want any stagger, plus I can rotate the tires F/R with the 275/40-17's that were used F/R on some years of the later C4 models like in 1992. The +38mm offset pushes the wheel outboard about a 1/2in and do not rub, but I do have to unhook the rear shocks to get the rear tires off.
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    Suprised that works without rubbing. Must be pretty tight at the outside. Would be tighter on mine as I have 285/40/17's on the rear so I lose almost 1/4" compared to a 275. I have to take the shocks loose on mine as well to get the rears on and off in addition to taking the rear sway bar links loose and using a spreader bar to push the rear hub down another 1/2" to 3/4". The wheels I have on mine now are C6 replicas made the same size as C4 wheels (17 ◊ 9.5) with a 54 mm offset vs the 90 Corvette 56mm offset. With the 3/16" spacers I have on the rear they are effectivilly just over a 49 mm offset. They are tight inside and out but do not rub.

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