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Thread: Danchuk (So Whats Next ?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    H&H are really good guys. They are now in the second generation running the company.
    Ecklers Website also sucks, I think H&H is one of the better ones.

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    I'm sure all know this but got this as a email today

    After 40 plus years the Danchuk’s have sold to Halladay Manufacturing. We are forever grateful to Art and Dan for creating their amazing parts and driving the industry forward. Also, for their trust in us to continue the tradition of making the best Tri Five Parts. We are a family run, veteran owned, American company with similar values and high-quality standards that made the Danchuk brand "World Famous". Please follow us on our social media, for exciting new content and events.

    Danchuk Facebook

    Danchuk Twitter

    Danchuk Instagram

    Although Danchuk has stopped selling directly to retail customers we are proud to be represented by our amazing dealers worldwide. In the coming months the Danchuk website will be revamped to list all the parts we offer along with a dealer locator that will allow customers to find their nearest dealer. For now see below for a complete list of

    We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition. For the Danchuk customers that still have gift cards, they are currently redeemable at Mutton Hollow Chevys. All gift cards have no cash value and may only be used towards purchase on any Mutton Hollow offered items. Also, be sure to call them when using your Gift Card as they are not accepted on their website.
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    Thanks for passing that along Sid. I take that as a positive indication that Halladay Manufacturing (having taken over Danchuk mfg) has intention to continue manufacturing the same parts...?

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    I've been trying to call my local dealer and they've never answered the phone so I went over to they're location and it was closed up and looks like it's not operating!

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