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Thread: Hello from Iowa

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    Hello from Iowa

    Hello from Marion, Iowa. New to the site but not to the hobby. My first car was delivered to me on Dec. 26, 1980, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air sedan. My Dad's cousin brought it up from Arizona and I still have it. The past few years have flown by with kids and their events, the youngest graduates from the University of Iowa in May so it's time to get back at it. Although I have been out of the hobby for a few years, I still attended GoodGuys events and followed several magazines. The 55 was my dream car and one that my Dad and I built together so it means a lot to me. I still have my Dad but he is definitely in the twilight years. I certainly have ideas on what I would like to do and look forward to tapping some of the knowledge here to try and make it come true. My son and I have not really done a project together, so this may be the one to work on... and involve my little grandsons with it too. My dad has a 57 Chevy 3200 series pick up that I am looking and doing something with as well. Fortunately it has been stored inside over the past 40 years on skates. It's gonna need work, but I have a lot of great memories wrapped up in that vehicle too. While kinda long winded,and I apologize for that, but I have a ton of memories flooding back, we had a classic Chevy club locally that used to have shows every Father's Day at the local park, Hawkeye Area Classic Chevy Club, I believe was their moniker. That fed my hunger for getting a tri five. Thanks!

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    Welcome Hawkeye! from Arizona.
    Kinda sounds like an old Mash episode, huh?
    Sounds like you got one good 55. I like the thoughts of a 57 pickup, too.
    Working on these old tri-fives is cool, hope you are looking forward to it.
    By the way, some of us don't stay in Iowa........I graduated high school in Clinton, and went to St Ambrose College in Davenport........back when these cars were late models.

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    Welcome! I'm less than an hour away in Waterloo. I was at the 53thd annual car show sponsored by Yogi's in Monticello IA a few days ago with a lot of cars from the Cedar Rapids area. Pictures of what you got tell a lot. This guy, I think was from Cedar Rapids.
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    Welcome to TrifiveChevys Hawkeye! We're all looking forward to reading more about yourself and your cars.. and plans!

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    Welcome from Davenport Iowa.


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