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Thread: metering rod for edlebrock

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    metering rod for edlebrock

    i could use some help with metering rod id. i have a tuning kit for my edlebrock all the metering rods have numbers on them like 059x051 but the carb is a rebuilt and the number rod in it is 16-241 can anyone convert this to the numbers used in the above kit?
    as for metering rod springs i read that i should take the manifold vacuum and divide by 2 to get the correct spring. if that is true i should be using the silver spring but it has the orange on in it . my manifold vac is 19.
    thanks norm

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    Edelbrock has a tuning guide for their carbs showing the relationship and dimensions of the metering rods and jets. It is available online.

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    I believe they sell a kit with an assortment of springs, rods and jets. Well worth the money.

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    The 16-241 is the stock calibration metering rod used in the Edelbrock #1406 carb. The size is (075X047) The orange spring is the stock one for this carb.


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