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Thread: Brake proportion valve

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    Brake proportion valve

    I have a 55 210 stock 6, powerglide. I have a Right Stuff brake conversion kit to convert the front to disk keeping the rear drums. My question is do i need a proportion valve and if so does it matter which one and then where should i mount it? Thanks first time converting one.

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    Some get by without one, but usually you want a disc/drum combination valve that is a clone of the 71-72 Chevelle one. That's what most of the places that sell brake conversion parts sell anyway, so the choice is easy. Mount it next to the master cylinder. There are brackets sold for just that purpose.

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    I have used them off 79 Camaro Z28 and 74 Chevelle both because they were free. Both worked well as the 71Chevelle one should.


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