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Thread: Right stuff brake conversion kit

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    Right stuff brake conversion kit

    I have a stock 55 4d 210. I purchased a conversion kit from Right Stuff to put manual disk on front and drums on the back. I have talked with their tec folks several times and they have tried to help me but have not been able to answer my question. When i install the new caliper bracket on the spindle the lower bolt goes through the spindle then through the new caliper bracket and then through the steering knuckle arm. But the new caliper bracket only bolts to one side of the steering knuckle arm thus creating a larger gap on one side of the steering knuckle arm. Right stuff tells me a 55 should not need a spacer. But unless i am missing something i do not see how you can add the caliper bracket width on one side and not need a spacer for the other. Hopefully someone else has added a kit and can help me out. thanks

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    Hi PastorJ,
    Sorry, haven't dealt with Right Stuff, so can't help, but will bump your post up.
    Regards, Doug

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    Pictures help.
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