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Thread: Warm weather affecting fuel at filter

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    Warm weather affecting fuel at filter

    Once it started getting over 100 degrees I noticed a slight sluggishness becoming more obvious. Then the car actually died and I noticed there was no fuel in the filter. After checking fuel pressure and finding a weak battery I thought the net battery and fuel pump would fix it, but it doesn't. It act's like there just isn't enough fuel pressure when the heat comes on. After talking with a few guys in warmer areas they said that they installed a separate electric fuel pump, relay, and hardware near the tank that they switched on as needed. They said the 56 Nomad traps a lot of heat under the hood and the car just barely runs in real hot weather, and this is what they ended up with. Anyone else familiar with this problem and solution?

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    I drive my 56 with a 350 and an Edelbrock carb in temps as high as 115, but frequently over 100. I drive it with the A/C on. I've never experienced that. I do have a spacer under the carb (not a metal one).

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    Where are you located 1956Nomad? What carburetor are you running? Is your car original or updated? Has the fuel tank ever been replaced or flushed out; it could be occasional trash that is impacting fuel flow??


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