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Thread: 1957 Chevrolet Belair Horn Contacts trouble shooting

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    1957 Chevrolet Belair Horn Contacts trouble shooting

    From bending the tabs on the Danchuck Belair Chrome horn trim ring to two different length stand offs on two different horn bushings , to two different plastic horn rings , depending if you have a 150 or 210 or Belair ,it seems their should be a good diagram to show all the stock pieces exploded view . We have two different length stand off lengths on two different horn rings . The green one with the built in metal sleeves in the stand off's feet , is 1/8 shorter than the clear NOS one with out any metal sleeves . their also appears to be two different thickness/ type plastic horn rings . I have gathered as much NOS stuff as I can . Will try and show pictures of the different length stand off legs . Getting pictures up on this site is a challenge all it's own . Any help would be greatly appreciated . The re-pro Danchuck chrome horn ring seems like it's to close to the steering wheel and needs a bigger space/ gap to allow it to work .Did Chevrolet use 3 special shouldered no.10 screws with built in washers to go thur the plastic's stand off feet . Is the clear plastic horn ring suppose to have barrel metal sleeves in it's stand off feet ?

    wheel to the shift collar is too big
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