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Thread: Brake Vacuum Bleeder -cant get a hard pedal .

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    Brake Vacuum Bleeder -cant get a hard pedal .

    The bleeder pulls fluid out the caliper bleeder nipple to the vacuum tank , and the master cylinder level will drop. I have tried bleeding all 4 brake calipers.Testing the pedal it has no resistance,easily goes to floor. 3 times I have used the vac system . I have Re-read all instructions,made sure of correct air pressure . Lost on how to proceed further to get a firm pedal. Any help appreciated.Thanks.

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    Assuming you never let the reservoir fluid run out while bleeding and pulled at least a quart through the system, I would suspect the master cylinder from what you've said so far if it goes to the floor.
    Didn't you ask the same question on the other site? You never came back to the subject at hand. There were 32 replies, but you have to include more information and pictures if you really want to solve the problem. Otherwise, all anyone can do is guess which seldom works.
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    you can't let the MC run low while bleeding (whatever method you use). You might try 'gravity bleeding', even if you do it only front or back first. Just barely crack the bleeder screws open, fill the MC and make sure you KEEP it filled.. until you get fluid seeping out the bleeders...


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