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Thread: C4 rear end adjustment

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    Quote Originally Posted by WagonCrazy View Post
    Oh, now i see. You still have the stock batwing leaf spring set up on the rear.
    On my Nomad build, I eliminated that batwing in favor of coil overs.
    Not sure how to advise you on height adjustments with your setup.
    Possibly swap out the fixed length link shafts at the end of each leaf spring? Maybe a longer one would raise the ride height? Thinking out loud here...no experience with it though.
    This is just 'semantics', but Paul the 'batwing' is the Aluminum Component that holds the differential and allows retention into the chassis. The stock rear C4 spring is a single transverse composite spring, clamped in the middle and which uses the ends of the spring to suspend the wheels/tires.

    PS. I went with the original rear suspension as well for two reasons: 1) to retain stock GM components as much as possible for future replacement purposes, and 2) I do not plan to drag race my Nomad, and one additional reason: I dislike coil over suspensions!

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    Actually, to raise the car you need to shorten the bolts that the end of the spring that is suspended from the spindle, which applies more pressure to the center mount of the spring mounted below the diff, which raises the car. To lower the car, you use longer bolts on the ends of the spring. Opposite of what it appears to look like. Same spring setup on the C3. C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes.
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