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Thread: I am new to this forum hello everyone I have a 2 door 56 chevy 2 door sedan

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    I am new to this forum hello everyone I have a 2 door 56 chevy 2 door sedan

    The rear window in my car the very back window got broke out.I was wondering how to replace . A friend of mine gave me another glass I need weatherstrip and where could I find one and what else will I need . thanks philrmech I will appreciate any help

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    Welcome philrmech! Good to have you here with us.. please tell us more about yourself and your car when you get a chance, and with some photos if possible?

    Probably the quickest/easiest place to get your rear glass rubber is from autocity classic ... They supply most of the glass that is installed into classic chevys these days and they should have the rubber channel you need read to ship out promptly.


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    You can go to Youtube and search "tri five chevy rear window installation" and you will find videos to show you how to install the window.

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    I called my local glass installer for my glass, and he ordered it, then came over and easily installed it while I sat and watched. It wasn't that expensive, plus if it got broke or didn't fit, I wouldn't have to deal with it.

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    I have Auto City classics glass in my 56. My glass guy installed almost all of it. It was worth what I paid him for the peace of mind.
    As far as the rubber, most suppliers show it, but whether they have it in stock or not is the question any more.

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    Glass isn't really that hard of a thing to deal with imo, except on a Nomad. LOL!

    If you can disassemble and re-assemble the car, you can easily do it yourself. I think you can now even buy glass already set in the new channel from Auto City.
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