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Thread: Fuel /brake line clips too loose in frame

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    Fuel /brake line clips too loose in frame

    It seems that the fuel line and brake line clips that are being made today for the 57 chevy are too loose . maybe over the years the frame holes have slightly gotten bigger , or have the manufacturing companies for these clips lost their quality control ? The clips made for the early Corvette's may be the answer . Has anyone else had this problem with the new clips being loose in the mounting frame holes ?

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    Unlikely that the holes in the frame got bigger. They haven't "lost" quality control, they never had any. It shouldn't be hard to find original ones if you need them, and there aren't that many.

    Are they actually loose in the hole, or just not tight against the frame? I looked at some pics of new ones and maybe you just need to bend them a little to make them tighter against the frame.

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    I am sending the picture of the clips to my restore friend along with your questions . I am hoping to get back to making some progress on the nomad with him soon . We have to remove the red syntenic grease that I packed the upgraded taper bearings with last fall , because it seems to be leaking dipping , and we don't what that to drip on to the new brake shoes once we install all the brakes and lines I believe that we will finally have a roller again . Thank you , and I will let you know what he says .
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