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Thread: 55 convertible top pump/motor exploded diagram

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    55 convertible top pump/motor exploded diagram

    Hi all! I'm looking for a diagram of the pump/motor for my 55 convertible. My pump was leaking a lot of fluid and making a lot of noise. I had to keep refilling the unit with ATF. There was fluid on the floor, fortunately it leaked to the floor and not in the body. Let me start by saying I consider this unit three pieces, the fluid reservoir area, the pump/gear area, and the motor. I removed the and rebuilt the reservoir and pump/gear area. Lots of sludge. The new seal kit from Classic came with 2 ball bearings and several O-rings. I found the two old ball bearings and replaced them after cleaning the reservoir and pump area. While removing the pump gears a third smaller ball bearing came out. I cleaned the pump/gear as best I could but did not open the motor part of the unit. An O-ring fits under pump/gear, it was in bad shape, and I replaced it with an O-ring from the Classic kit. I noticed the spline that comes out of the motor area had a spot where the smaller bearing could fit. It appears that the smaller ball bearing drives the pump gears when reassembled. I used a needle to clean the hole behind the recess on the shaft for the ball bearing. That must be how the ball bearing is lubricated. I reassembled the pump gear, replaced all the O-rings, and reinstalled the assembled unit. It is currently working great. No noise from the pump and no leaks. My guess is the sludge was not allowing the fluid to flow and the pump was working hard.

    Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the disassembled unit. My head was really into getting it done correctly and completely forgot to take pictures. But here are a few pictures of the unit and seal kit.

    I sure would like to have a factory diagram of the whole unit to confirm placement of the smaller ball bearing. If you can send me link or picture of the factory diagram it will be greatly appreciated.

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    I can't help you on the diagram you seek, but congratulations on your successful pump rebuild..

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