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Thread: haylo im jay finally got my peice of the pie my 57

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    haylo im jay finally got my peice of the pie my 57

    i cant drive her in the rain so i just sit in the drive way and pretend like when i was a little kid. does anybody know why i have two antennas but only one has hook ups?
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    If you have dual antennas, I suppose you have dual REAR antennas (although I couldn't see them in the photos?).. Many people think 'dual rear' antennas look better (and that's why they use them - for appearances sake), but only one antenna is required to provide signal to a radio.. .. so the second one is a 'dummy'...

    Hey Jay... why not update your profile and tell us more about yourself and where you're from and your experience or love for trifives? How long have you had your '57? etc... More photos are great additions.
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