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Thread: 55 Chevy Belair Ignition Switch Pigtail Connector

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    55 Chevy Belair Ignition Switch Pigtail Connector

    I'm replacing the ignition switch and pigtail connector on my cousin's 55 Chevy Belair. His switch is shorted out so I ordered a new one. The picture provided is of the new replacement ignition switch. It is exactly the same switch as the original one that is shorted out. My cousin purchased the car from a shop in Arizona. When they did the restoration, for whatever reason, they installed this particular ignition switch. The switch is different from the stock 55 Chevy Belair ignition switch. Now, I can't find the pigtail connector for this particular ignition switch. I looked everywhere. I need a new pigtail connector that will fit and work for the new ignition switch that we purchased. The existing pigtail connector is also shorted out. If anyone knows where I can find the correct pigtail connector for this new ignition switch let me know. I found this ignition switch on Ebay. It is listed as: 1961-1966 GM Ignition Switch no key Cylinder Corvette, Impala, Belair and Biscayne. If anyone knows the part number and brand of the ignition switch connector that I need, please let me know. That would be awesome. Thank you, Tommy.

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