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Thread: 283 2 to 4 barrel carb swap

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    283 2 to 4 barrel carb swap

    On my 57 I have the original 283 engine with the original 2 jet carb. Someone JB Welded the carb onto the manifold. My uncle, who rebuilt carbs for a living, said it might be worth it to swap it out for a 4 barrel carb with electric choke and accompanying manifold to get the most out of the engine. If that is the case which manifold and carb would you suggest? Not sure if it's worth trying to get the carb off the current manifold and then rebuilding it or getting the 4 barrel.

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    There should be lots of used edelbrock intake manifolds and holley 600cfm 4 bbl carburetors for sale out there.
    Alot of guys are moving onto fuel injection units in place of carburetors.
    The question is really "how far do you want to go with modifications? What's your budget? etc.

    You can probably pick up a used intake and 4bbl carb up for $500 to $600 somewhere local to you, but the carb would most likely need to be rebuilt, so add another $150 for the kit and your time there.

    Domino effect about to happen here.

    And an electronic choke would be nice, and means you'll need to add wiring to make it work.
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    Summit Racing sells a kit with the intake , carb, air cleaner, gaskets, and bolts for just a bit over $700.

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