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Thread: What to do when your tie down straps are TOO long... :)

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    What to do when your tie down straps are TOO long... :)

    I just saw this little short video with a good trick for how to retain the ends of tie down straps that are many feet longer than needed... I mostly worry this when I'm assisting a friends in trailering their cars (I think cars are to drive, not haul around).. but this is a pretty neat and quick trick for those loose ends..

    How to Secure Ratchet Strap Tail

    Follow @brothersfabshop on Instagram for more. When people watch me use this trick, they want to learn it too. This is the fastest and easiest way I know to ...

    This is in the 'tips' section to benefit anyone whose car has to go on a Trailer because it won't run or because they don't trust it..
    because a loose end getting under a trailer wheel/tire while rolling could pose a significant problem!

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    good advice. I'll remember that next time I have long straps.
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