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Thread: Help With aftermarket hood hinge

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    Help With aftermarket hood hinge

    Help With aftermarket hood hinge
    Hi folks,
    Iíd appreciate some input.
    I have an pretty chrome aftermarket hood hinge (donít know the brand) on my í55 Nomad; however, the distance when opened between the top of the radiator and the bottom of the hood is only 24Ē head banging inches!

    Iím hoping that you folks with aftermarket hood hinges would be so kind to measure the fort distance between the radiator and the bottom of the hood and tell me what kind of distance you have and the brand and model hinge youíre using on your TriFive.


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    I have Eddie Motorsports polished alum hinges on my 57 nomad. I'll have to get out in the garage and measure the opening. Its not as narrow as your's seems.
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