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Thread: Starter issue

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    Starter issue

    I hope I am in the right area to talk about starters.
    I recently got a 56 Bel Air from a friend. And was told it was all original.
    I finally came to the conclusion it has a 57 bored out 265 motor, 4bbl. 3 speed with O/D with a 10 inch clutch. It has a bell housing mounted starter. The starter screams when the engine starts, the ring gear is starting to show signs of wear on the front of the teeth. It appears the starter is binding on the flywheel, and maybe not release? Should I be using a block mounted starter and not a bell housing mounted starter?
    The bellhousing casting # is 3704922. The flywheel casting # is 3703870.
    Thank you for looking.
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    Nothing wrong with bell housing mounted starters Chevy used them on light trucks until 1973.

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