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Thread: Chrome air conditioning compressor

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    Chrome air conditioning compressor

    Hi Lazlo
    Update on air compressor .before pulling it apart I gave the compressor to a mobile air con guy .He took it away and said it was good ,couldn’t find anything wrong.I fitted it to the car and he gassed it .
    the compressor ran cold without any problems.The clutch turned on and off as required.It did not do this before ,just kept running .Not sure what the problem was but all good now .
    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Mick,

    Good to hear. I wonder what the problem was before. I wonder if it wasn't correctly charged. Did you add oil to the compressor? When I bought it from S&P I was told the compressor was pre-oiled and I didn't need to add any oil. But at this point, many years later, I don't know how much oil is in it. I didn't noticed any leakage in the box or anything. I've been working on interior stuff so I haven't taken the time to try to charge mine yet.
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    There was oil in the compressor ,I think it may have been overfilled with gas and created too much pressure .The only difference I noticed is that the clutch turned on and of while the engine was running.

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